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Tomáš Havránek


Tomáš Havránek is a versatile artist who works with ceramic clay, wood and metal. For our catalogue, we have selected Tomáš’s metal sculptures in which he combines various “treasures from scrap yards” to create playful and poetic objects.

Jasan Zoubek


“I travel in the countryside and look around. I observe the sky. I try to avoid conglomerations and crowds and like to meet solitary houses and individuals. I like all sorts of landscapes – barren land and fertile, flatlands and highlands. I smell the scents that change within the year. I find alleys lining the non-existant ways, crosses marking former crossroads, wild growing trees defining vanished homesteads. I imagine stories that took place in the countryside. I think of infinity, the end and God, although I am not able to understand. Nearly every evening I look for the first star and light a fire. I divide my time between work and dreaming.”

Mona Lipi


Professor Boris Jirku says about her work: “… her sculptures depicting slow loris, saki monkeys, porcupine, capybara, babirusa, meerkats and others are actually characters from fables in which animals are given human characters and expose people a curved mirror. They are solitary objects in full sculptural form in all aspects, worked out of grand materials like patinated bronze or glazed ceramics. Her work is a positive message and it means a lot in today’s world…”.

Ivana Šrámková


Glass sculptures by Ivana Sramkova are unique not only because of their artistic merit but also for the matrials used and the technology by which they are created. As the artist says: “Using glass for making a sculpture is very specific, because the technique requires great experience and craftsmanship.” Despite the demands of the material, Ivana gives her objects life, playfulness and wit. We have chosen for our catalogue a series of little birds, which have charmed us with their immediateness and the colour of their “feathers”.

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