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Lucie Nepasická


In households, offices and restaurants there is water of the highest quality supplied inexpensively from the mains. Nevertheless we often overlook it and tend to buy bottled water. Lucie’s glass carafe is an ideal vessel in which the chlorine quickly evaporates from the tap water, it is hygienic and unlike the plastic bottles, it is ecologically harmless. The symbols at the bottom of the carafe give the water the right energy and also give a great visual impression.



Porcelain Baroque
Fair craft, Bohemian style and timeless design…”we love old products, which we try to bring back to life and make them used every day…we are especially proud of our renewed baroque porcelain, that perfectly represents our Bohemian style.” PanSlavista company was founded by designer and engineer Dušan Poliaček who, for a long time, could not find interior design pieces that would just perfectly be in harmony with his ideas.



Tyformy is a young independent studio that focuses on creating objects mainly from porcelain. The objects produced are on the edge between free and applied art. The studio’s repertoire ranges from jewellery, to household porcelain and to large outdoor sculptures. The main inspiration for their designs is nature, its shapes and processes. Some objects are formed in the studio, others are created at a given location.

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