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Lenka Sýkorová


Painter and graphic artist Lenka Sýkorová captures softness and tenderness in her paintings. She finds her motifs while walking in the countryside or in moments spent with friends. For the Art on Stage catalogue we have chosen paintings with a common topic – children and their infinite desire to explore and also their ability to find joy in simple things.

Zoltán Agócs


Zoltán Agócs studied at the Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica (SK) and has devoted himself especially to paintings. His works depict moments taken from everyday life. Their subjects play at a lake, open secret door or just sit down and have a chat. All of this is shown in calm, quiet, dreamy colours. We are taken by Zoltan’s genuine painting techniques as well as by the way he uses them for telling the story…

Jan Svoboda


Jan Svoboda has been painting since the 1980s. His paintings are full of geometric shapes, colourful areas and varied structures. We appreciate the delicacy of his paintings and the light atmosphere they embody.

Vlado Vovkanič


Vlado Vovkanič was born in Ukraine and since 1994 has lived in Prague. His work is diverse. He says: “I don’t have a defined style, I do what I like. I want everybody to project their own ideas into each painting.” For our catalogue we have chosen his abstract paintings. In some of them strong colours dominate, in others they are combined with calmer colour tones – and they will enhance the energy you want to give to your surroundings.

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